Meet Virginie


Virginie offers LED light therapy for skin rejuvenation and stimulating healthy cells. Blue light helps against bacterias, green light is against dull skin, yellow light is tightening and firming and red light is used for improving blood circulation and creating new cells. She specializes in skin issues, anti-aging, slimming, and hair rejuvenation.


Virginie is a specialist in LED light therapy and only focuses on LED light as a full therapy. Thanks to this, her treatments are twice as long as the standard treatments in the industry, which makes her treatments more effective than your usual LED treatment. The chosen LED colors, as well as the combinations per treatment, will be adjusted to your skin accordingly in all therapy sessions.

the treatment space

Your appointments are very important to you and us. They are specially reserved for you. We understand that sometimes planning adjustments are necessary. Therefore, we respectfully ask for cancellations or rescheduling appointments at least 24 hours in advance.


Please understand that if you forget, cancel or change your appointment without giving sufficient notice, we are missing the opportunity to fill in that appointment time, and customers on our waiting list are missing the opportunity to receive services.

Any appointment missed, canceled late, or changed without notice within 24 hours will incur a fee equal to 50% of the reserved service amount.