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“The anti-aging sessions are my short holiday treatments. Great to see the result! Not a lot of people guess my right age. Same as for the hair treatment. Longer, stronger, and less hair loss. No more skull pain. I am more than 7 months a happy led light angel client. And curious for the new treatments Virginie is going to offer.”


"I've struggled with acne most of my life and I've tried endless types of creams, masks and treatments, but nothing helped permanently. I accidentally found out about Virginie and the light therapy and I've decided to give it a shot. After 6 months of treatments, my skin has NEVER looked better! Without the light, Virginie's amazing tips, her positivity, patience and kindness, I would never feel this happy and confident as I do now! Definitely recommending it to everyone!"


"The LED light therapy ensures that my aging wrinkles are less, my skin becomes tighter. And the light gives you the feeling of a summer afternoon. Virginie allows me to relax wonderfully during her treatment, attention, and treatment. In addition, she gives personal tips and tricks that help me to make sure I look extra good. A treatment with her is a gift for yourself."


"I had a fantastic facial with Virginie for the first time. What stud out to me the most, is that she really cares and in the process makes your skin glow. Her studio is very comfortable and in a great location. Highly recommend :)"


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